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Signs of Murder | Book One

Coming from an all-Deaf family, Dana Demeter assumed a position of authority at a young age: interpreting for her parents, alerting to sounds that meant trouble, and absorbing slights aimed at her Deaf twin brother.

A protector.

Now as a Chicago homicide cop, matters beyond Dana’s control begin to pile up: her father’s Deaf friend is murdered and the lead investigator rejects her help, bungling the case; Dana’s husband refuses to return home until she deals with her grief over a miscarriage; and her Lieutenant suspends her citing a claim she was drinking on the job.

A bogus claim.

Can Dana bypass the lead detective and solve the murder on her own? Will she face her personal loss and save her marriage? Does she agree to alcoholism counseling to keep the job she loves?

Dana struggles to conquer these challenges, unsure until the end whether to embrace defiance or submit to the status quo.

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Cover by Mark Burgess

Signs of the Father | Book Two

A church janitor is dead and priceless chalices are missing. Detective Dana Demeter agrees to look into the closed case as a favor to the parish priest, having plenty of time on her hands while suspended from the Chicago Police Department.

Problem is, she doesn’t think there’s a connection between the death and the theft.

A slim lead yields unexpected comfort, in the guise of a four-year-old girl, in Dana’s otherwise chaotic life. She is mandated to attend treatment for alcoholism, receives divorce papers from her husband of ten years, and causes a serious car accident resulting in a drunk driving ticket.

A ticket she will do anything –anything– to make go away.

Will Dana’s instincts point her in the right direction to solve the case? Her struggle to manage responsibilities in her life, to her deaf parents, to her cop husband, and to her detective partner, may ultimately overwhelm her ability to cope.

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Cover by Mark Burgess

A. F. Whitehouse

About the Author

A. F. (Addy) Whitehouse is a writer and a former Sign Language interpreter who hails from Chicago. She lives with her husband, Bob Carty, in a distant suburb.